A difference of one star in the average rating of a typical online business can prompt 9% difference in revenues.

Being a part of this internet era, the process of building an online brand and then enhancing recognition is crucial for any sort of business.

We at CNET Infosystem Canada completely understand this and believe that- prevention is always better than cure!

Folks today want to know almost every detail with whom they are dealing with, prior to making any decision and so they conduct an online research about the company. If, in case, they found any negative comment or bad review about the company’s products or services, they will without any doubt change their decision and possibly choose your competitors. Well, that’s definitely not good news for your organization, Is it?

We should not underestimate the power of having online reviews, especially when we are running an online business. CNET Infosystem Canada can help you to build an online brand that greatly makes you look better than ever!

Our Online Reputation experts will follow a proven strategy for long term improvement of your online reputation and presence. Our Build Online Reputation service involves building brand reputation with the help of multimedia, engaging and viral content.

To make your brand more visible to your customers, we will:

  • Creating buzz for products and services via USP
  • Developing multimedia, engaging, viral and interactive textual content
  • Enhance look, feel and branding via design and development
  • Implement strategies for getting positive customer feedback
  • Building social community
  • Corporate blogging